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About Tjeders

We develop, manufacture and market the systems and components of the future for alarms and communication

We think quality - when it comes to both man and machine.Since the company was founded in 1942, Tjeders has been developing alarm and communication systems based on our customers´ high demands on functional reliabiblity and users-friendliness. Our philosophy of leading development, and continuous functionality development and improvment for our solutions means that we are now able to offer you the market´s broadest and most competent range. "Advanced inside but simple on the outside" is perhaps an oversimplification, but effectively sums up how our products and function are optimised for the workplace of today and tomorrow, for users and personnel under duress, and for the simplification of project planning, installation and O&M.


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Technical support
Telephone: 0157-699 80

Telephone: 0157-699 99


Nurse Call systems
Disturbance/assault alarm 
Emergency alarm 
Evacuation alarm

Product area

Health & Security
Office  & Trade


Customer service & contakt

Tjeders Industri AB
Box 23
642 06 Malmköping 
Visit address: Landsvägsgatan 3
642 60 Malmköping

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