RESPOND™ - Nurse Call System

Alarm and communication systems for the future of hospitals and medical clinics

The system is controlled by a small central unit that communicates with any number of call units deployed in the plant. When an alarm occurs, a unique text on the display, the staff who are in need are.

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Respond - how it works

Tjeders nurse call RESPOND's one of the most skilled and flexible systems for hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, and inpatient care. The system is built up and integrated with the "modules", ranging from a room, a department up to the hospital. The foundation is RESPONDs intelligent control unit that activates the alarms in seconds.


Here are some examples of functions:

  • Assist alarm, nurse call, alarm, bråk-/överfallslarm, presence detection, timing (clock display).
  • Modern audio library with 20 sound types.
  • Select the audio to different alarm types, care / technical alarms.
  • Wheelchair alarm between departments / care areas.
  • Powerful graphical presentation and text setting in the displays.

Expanding and integrating

Build or add department, unit or functionality to the desired extent. RESPOND may have integrated assault and connected to fire alarms, alarms to pagers och-/eller DECT-/GSM voice for silent healthcare environment, access control, security, voice and more.

Connection and operation

• RESPOND central unit with powerful software for installation, commissioning, development and logging.
• Network port for eg remote access, update and backup via USB port.
• Full access to all functions without center code keys.
• Easy installation via 4 wire bus with pluggable devices for screw fastening.
• For wall mounting (in round mounting box or surface), the ceiling (hanging) or 19 "racks.
• Designed for installation or renovation.
• Flexible software in Windows environment.
• The system is self-monitoring and identify "missing" room / unit automatically

Use RESPOND nurse call system here

  • Hospital / Hospital 
  • Health care facilities 
  • Elderly Care 
  • Inpatient

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Contact me if you have questions about the technology or functionality.

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